While XRVR finds a place to call home in South Carolina, our mobile Reality Unit is at your disposal for corporate events, private parties, VR Nights and more!

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions


What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality. Gaining access to this virtual world requires a headset and a VR-ready gaming computer. 

By now you will have likely heard about the pricey VR headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. When you wear one, you are immersed in a computer-generated world. It's like living inside a video game. But to truly experience the awe that is the room-scale technology of the Vive you also need lots of room in your home, and to experience complete all-encompassing immersion you also need a haptic feedback suit and an omni directional treadmill. 

Playing VR in your own home is great if you can afford it, but outside of multiplayer games you're going to be flying solo alone in your room, unable to share the complete experience live with people around you.

XRVR changes that.

Not only is crossing into this different reality at XRVR as easy as putting on a headset at one of our stations, but you will be able to scale your level of immersion.

Your friends (and the competition) will not only be able to see your body in the game via our Mixed Reality technology, but they can get into their own games and play with you! You can even request clips of your experience sent to your email.




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Do you have games for children?

XR stands for "Extended Reality," meaning all real-and-virtual environments combined, such as Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed. Inside our headsets you will find a virtual-reality, out in the lounge reality will be 'extended.' 

Tl;dr? XRVR Esports Lounge and Arcade is a social space where the next generation can enjoy a drink with their friends in a technologically savvy environment.

Long story? We look forward to offering an ‘immersion-scaleable’ VR experience inside a lounge atmosphere where customers can watch the latest Esports matches, grab a drink, play their favorite computer and board games, or find new ones to fall in love with. We have the snacks and the weekend food trucks for when you get the munchies, not to mention you'll be able to bring your own.

A mobile VR experience is available for other establishments or corporations who want to bring a VR experience to their clients, employees, and to XRVR customers who want a VR experience at their own private event.

The recommended age for the headset is 13+, but children as young as 7, when supervised by an adult, can also experience the wonder that is VR. We have kid friendly games like Beast Pets, and plenty of educational VR experiences for any age! We are always adding games so make sure to check our games page.

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Because you want something cutting edge to make your venue rise above the rest.

We bring the equipment, the hosts, and the fun, while keeping your customers entertained and helping you to stand out. VR draws people into a different reality, far beyond what a typical trivia night or bag toss might accomplish. They might be standing in your venue, but they are in a different reality! It's turnkey for you and your staff and won't cost your customers a penny. We even have multiple scales of immersion to choose from.

If you have the space and want the full-monty we can bring our large setup of 3 greenscreens to provide a cinematic, social experience for viewers. Your customers can even get clips of themselves in the game sent to them for free! If space is an issue we can provide a simplified single greenscreen social experience, or we can bring just the headset!


Because we take reality to the next level!

Office parties, family reunions, private parties, charity events; if you want cutting edge entertainment at any of your events we'll be there to make it happen. We provide great entertainment for active and non-active gamers alike. The thrill-seekers and the haunted house lovers. The partiers and the team players, the rowdy and the shy. We setup the equipment, provide the games, and make sure everyone who wants to play is involved and having a great time!

All you have to do is provide the party, the electricity and the space, we'll cover the rest!

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