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Space Junkies Tryouts Weekend #2

Grab space by the JUNK and get your tournament on for prizes!

2v2s! Each team is required to fill out the Team Sign Up form and then they will be contacted about tryouts. Make sure to list "XRVR" as the arcade you want to sign up through.

The same player cannot be on multiple teams. If you survive tryouts....entry fee is $10/team. Make sure to check out the prizes at the bottom.

Matches follow a “best of 3” model, the team that wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins the game. Expect matches to last between 12 and 20 minutes total.

Regular Season Schedule:
Day 1: Tuesday, February 19th
Day 2: Thursday, February 21st
Day 3: Wednesday, February 27
Day 4: Wednesday, March 6th

-Each team will play 4 regular season matches

-Most matches will take place between 6pm - 9pm within your timezone

-Teams will first be sorted into regions. (Americas, Europe, and Asia)

-Virtual Athletics League Admins will release the match schedule the Friday before at 8pm MST

-The top teams at the end of the regular season will move on to the playoffs.

Playoff Dates
Round 1: Monday, March 11th
Round 2: Wednesday, March 13th
Round 3 and Championship: Friday, March 15th


Prize Distribution Divided into three regions: Asia/Pacific, Americas, and Europe Region.

1st place:
MVP of the team (as determined by performance in the championship)
-1 Windows MR HP headset
-1 Omen Mindframe Headphones
-200 cash

2nd player on the winning team
-200 cash
-1 Omen Mindframe Headphones

2nd place team
-100 cash for each player

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