Fast Times at VR High

So we just got back from one of the largest conventions of our little blip of existence as a company, and it was pretty awesome. Drove over to the Maxwell Center in Goldsboro, NC with the MRU crew. We made some great contacts and met some fun people! The opportunity came out of left field about half way through January when the man, some may say the legend, behind the Charlotte Esports League, Josh Richardson, reached out to us about filling a need for the creators of the Carolina Games Summit. Needless to say we were stoked and super grateful to both organizations. We had two 10 x 10 booths and a large room to pull off some sweet VR escape room action. Being in a giant convention center with that many other gamers, geeks and nerds was glorious; don’t get me wrong, I love anime and pop culture conventions too, but gaming is where my heart is.


We even managed to upgrade our VR rigs in time for the big day! The new rigs (pictured in our Rock Hill greenscreen room) now allow us to run completely wireless with no noticeable lag and a nice boost to graphical quality. Beat Saber really comes alive with 2x Super Sampling.

(For non-techies, more convention pictures and a tourny link below!)

For the tech nerds out there we are now running:

  • i7-8700k

  • 16 GB DDR4 ram

  • Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboards

  • 500 GB SSDs

  • RTX2070s


Lots of things being cooked up for the coming year; tournaments, conventions, eSport meets and more! Make sure to check out the upcoming Space Junkies tournament starting February 19th and check the XRVR facebook page for more information!



The Start of Our Journey - A Vision for the Future

Hi Fam!

This blog will be our attempt to bring you along on our journey toward creating a forward-looking gamer/community space. We want to use the blog not only for updates about our business, but to let you peek behind the scenes into where we’ve been and where we are going. We’re tech-nerds and competitive gamers so expect to see some stories about esports and new emerging technology and the effects they may have on us as a business…or maybe even the planet.

In just 40 years time we’ve gone from computers that operated with punch cards and took up entire floors, to a small band on our wrist that acts as a watch, a phone, a heart monitor and contains access to the wealth of collected human knowledge. We’ve gone from playing Pong to walking through Skyrim in VR; sword in one hand, magical spell in the other. You can, for about $100, get your DNA sequenced, or for about the same price buy a small headband that can read the electrical frequencies generated in your own brain. 3D printed organs are slowly becoming a thing. Technology is incredible.

Our vision for XRVR starts with embracing the future of technology and striving to bring some of those advancements, and the opportunities that emerge with them to our community. In doing so we hope to find new ways to not only entertain you, but to educate and empower you as well. We believe that with greater access to these technologies people will find and build new bridges between themselves and others, increasing our ability to empathize with one another and strengthening the community (and by proxy the world) as a whole.

To this effect we hope to help establish and strengthen pathways for students and esport athletes to follow their passions into the industry through local colliegete esports programs.

We want to create a nightlife lounge that takes advantage of the social aspects of augmented and mixed realities one second; and becomes an arena that drips with the competition, excitement and camaraderie of eSports the next. Hidden dynamic lighting systems for the perfect setting, holograms and immersive-scalable solo and multiplayer VR experiences. Play virtual reality seated, standing or room-scaled. Get lost in our VR escape rooms; run onto the battlefield on our VR treadmills or recruit up to 4 friends (or strangers!) and go wireless for arena-scale 30 ft x 30 ft adventures built to feel much, much larger. At night the bar offers you a way to unwind in a technologically-savvy, yet minimalist, social environment; while neighborhood food trucks bring the best of the Carolina’s straight to you. There’s a big vision to be flushed out ahead of us and a crazy journey to take.

Come along for the ride, we’d love the company.